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Quick Overview

The Switch model is an old patent filed on behalf of Frank Beltrame in 1995.

Product Description

It is only made in the 23 cm, 9" size.

The bolsters, apart from the swivel, are already attached to a body made of die-cast zamak, to which handles exclusively made of colored plastic are riveted.

The blade and the internal mechanism of the button are identical to those of the Classic model, while the spring is divided into 2 parts: of which only the central part is made of steel while the end is molded internally with zamak.

It is a model conceived of in the 90s for the German market, when there was Chinese competition in the market for the first time. The zama allowed us to reduce prices for the mass market, not for those seeking quality. We wanted to guarantee the Frank Beltrame release precision at more competitive prices.

It is a fast and colored product which performs well but is not for collectors. The all teflon black Tactical model has continued to have particular success over the years, still in great demand.

Technical characteristics:

  • SIZES: 23cm- 9”
  • Blade: stainless steel AISI 420 MA5M HRC 56
  • Kind of blades: plain, bayonet, dagger.
  • Blade length: 3.5 cm- 5”
  • Handles: colored plastic only

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