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Sporting Knives


Frank Beltrame is not only a leader in the collectible of knives, Italian stiletto and pocket knives, but also automatic sporting knives.

Stealth B-and B-Naked is the new line of sporting knives created and lively and always look forward to the evolution of the market of the company Frank Beltrame.

B-Stealth is a knife lightweight and colorful product for a younger clientele. The small size - blade 5 "long and 8" - and the extreme versatility makes it a utility knife number one in the world. In addition, the opening button is positioned in the ear of the grip plate and has a flared shape precisely to prevent accidental opening in the pocket.

B-Naked is a sporting knife, created in 2001, always keep on hand. Available in different colors and shapes.

To receive more information about our models of sporting knives, email us at or call +39 0427701859.


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