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Classic Stiletto Model

Classic Stiletto Model

Quick Overview

This model represents the classic Italian stiletto

Product Description

The swivel bolster made of stainless steel or nickel silver is used to unlock the blade, also made of stainless steel AISI 420 stainless MA5M HRC 56. The opening is performed by the button located in the center of the handle.

The handles can be made of colored plastic, dark horn, blond horn and Brazilian horn, wood: palisander, rosewood, olive wood, violet wood and snakewood, stag, ram, bone, abalone and mother of pearl.

The liners are made of brass and the spring is made of stainless steel assembled and folded manually by Frank Beltrame, never by a machine .

The rivets on the handles are made of brass

The Classic model is entirely hand-assembled with precision and accuracy and has a handcrafted finish.

The sizes produced by us are: 8”,9”,11”

Technical characteristics of classic stiletto

  • Sizes: 20,23,28,33 cm

  • 8”,9”,11”,13”

  • Blade: stainless steel AISI 420 MA5M HRC 56

  • Kind of blades: plain, bayonet, dagger, half grind, swedge, kris and Damasco bay only for limited editions

  • Blade length: 3,5 ; 4; 5” and 6”

  • Handles: plastic colors, horn, wood,stag, ram, abalone, bone, mother of pearl

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