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Classic Italian Stiletto


The Italian Stiletto knife is the quintessential series Frank Beltrame. It 'a knife historian, recreated on the forms of the ancient stiletto knife using the shell in 1500.


Classic stiletto knife italian switchblade for sale


Entirely hand-assembled with precision craftsmanship, the Frank Beltrame Stiletto has become famous throughout the world for its extreme lightness and maneggievolezza, features that make the knife flagship of our company. Thanks to its characteristics, the italian stiletto is suitable for use in any environment, from hunting to camping.


Particular attention has been paid to the design of the shot: the output of the blade must be done within a few hundredths of a second, which is why it was chosen to produce stainless steel.


The blade is made ​​of stainless steel AISI 420 MA5M HRC 56, a material that gives high strength blade esplanade. The handles are available in different materials: colored plastic, dark horn, horn blond Brazilian rosewood, wood violet, olive, snakewood, deer, sheep, bone, abalone and mother of pearl. The coatings of the handle are made of brass.


The Classic Frank Beltrame Stiletto is available in 3 lengths: 8 ", 9", 11 ".


Are you interested on our Italian Stiletto knife classic switchblade? Contact us for more informations!


To receive more information about the products of the line italian stiletto, email us at or call +39 0427701859.


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Classic Stiletto Model
This model represents the classic Italian stiletto
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