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Dear Client,
Thank you for choosing our sporty knives which can be opened automatically with one hand.
We are confident that the quality of workmanship and materials that compose our knives will be able to fully satisfy your choice.

We ask you to carefully read this brief instruction manual which was prepared for better use of the knife, in an effort to guarantee maximum safety and conservation of the qualitative characteristics of the product over time.


This sheet is for the following sports knives manufactured by:
F.lli Beltrame F & C snc
Via Dei Fabbri 15/B
33085 Maniago, Pn - Italy

Specifically, the instructions apply to all the knives listed below:

  • B-Naked model
  • B-Stealth model
  • switchblade: Classic, Picklock, Swinguard.


Our blades are made of stainless steel: AISI 420, AISI 420MA5M, AISI 440.

The handles are made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel colored with 40021 Soft Touch matte paint, while the automatically opening products feature handles made of stag, horn, plastic, bone, fixed with brass rivets.

The pins and screws are all stainless steel.



The product must not be used for food. Its use is purely sporty or as a collectible, so please use it for those purposes only.
It is not a weapon.
And while meeting the requirements of the overall safety of the product, in use and at rest, there is always an inherent danger: its ability to cut; therefore it must never be left in the hands of children or people who have physical or mental disability to prevent them from injuring themselves accidentally and unintentionally.
When using it, please follow these simple instructions:

  • do not hold the knife by the blade;
  • do not store the knife with the blade open, we recommend closing it after use;
  • hold the handle using the whole palm;
  • avoid shear stress on the blade, do not bend the blade, do not throw the knife, do not use the knife tip because it is not a corkscrew or a work knife;
  • to open the knife, please use the slot, found on the blade of the folding model, or press the button in the switchblade model;
  • to close the blade, for folding knives, press the liner which locks the heel of the blade; for traditional switchblades, act on the front upper plate dragging it to the left, or pull out slightly the part of the spring which is located above the two upper plates which holds the pin of the blade, or use, where present, the pump device placed on the back of the knife or press the open button in the latest models;
  • where present, you must use the security system after closing the blade;
  • we ask you to remember that in our automatic products: Picklock, Classic, Swinguards, there are brass rivets so please be careful about any allergies to the above mentioned material;
  • the knife should never be repaired personally or by other people, but only by F.lli Beltrame F & F snc.

Any use of the product other than those described, in particular for operations other than cutting, should be avoided as they are potentially dangerous.



  1.  use a dry and clean cotton cloth
  2. do not wash with water or sea water
  3. do not clean the blade or the handle with solvents
  4. clean the knife after each use
  5. if you use it little, at least once a month, clean the knife
  6. keep it in a dry place if the handle is made of horn, bone, wood or stag
  7.  we recommend storing the knife in a cabinet or closed drawer in the closed position or with the security device closed, if present.


  1. the sharpening should be performed only by qualified people
  2. the repair of the knife should only be performed by us and we urge you to avoid the use of the knife if it is not in perfect condition (broken or chipped blades etc.).
  3. avoid use of the knife if the handle is not complete or no longer has the functional characteristics present at purchase
  4. in this way we can ensure maximum reliability and durability.


Once discarded and not used, the product should not be thrown away but given to local public disposal systems, in accordance with regulations.
The materials of our product are not classified, when released to the market, as constituting toxic and dangerous waste.
Be careful with the product even after its deterioration after use because it still poses a certain degree of risk and should not be left within the reach of children.


We warranty our switchblades for 2 years of all mechanism defects :broken spring, not properlyopening, not complete opening, safety loose.

After that time we can repair your used knives charging you the job and parts changed before to ship you back your stiletto.

The knives that comes form other productions will sent back because we can’t repair them for different processes.

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