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In 2006 F.lli Beltrame F & C snc obtained the QM quality mark and it is printed on our blades.

For more information on Qualità Maniago, please visit: available in English, where you can find lots of interesting news on the cutlery district in Maniago and the companies which have obtained the Marchio, following strict rules such as checking the hardness of each batch from the temper the blades and springs and related certificate of proof and transformation state of the material after hardening .
Purchasing a knife that has the quality mark guarantees a finished product that meets the quality standards required by the specifications of the mark. It is also a guarantee that the product has been checked from the initial stage: purchase of the material, with provenance ascertained and documented; batches of material from Southeast Asia even with certification are not allowed.
Usually the material is purchased in Europe or the United States, the mark requires us to have a certificate of the goods or of the lot, if it is steel.
The processing has to follow strict rules; for example, our switchblades must pass cutting tests and rest for hours in salt spray. Every year we are subject to inspection by a regulatory institution which is external to the Committee of Marchio di Qualità, to ensure reliability of inspections, test fitness for use of the mark and they may contribute to corrective action or even order the removal of the mark.

Below we describe some of the other control steps we must take: each batch of blades and springs must be traceable in terms of chemical and physical composition of the material as we need to have certificates issued by the mill.
Every part of our knives and, in particular, springs is handcrafted, including the interior. We invite you to look inside one of our springs for example : polished and flawless; the springs are bent by Frank’s experienced hands and not by a machine that makes them all the same and is not able to adapt them to the individual knife. This bending takes place at 5 different points to follow the profile of the folder without leaving bumps on the back of the spring. This is an important detail because you will never find a Frank Beltrame knife that unlocks the blade by hitting the back of the blade, as very often happens with other switchblades. We recommend that you always do this test before buying a good switchblade!

There is also another important detail: the switchblade has to checked between the two ears of the bolsters, the spring should not be ground there and therefore should not have a different thickness or worse, be conical, with respect to the rest of the spring.
Also, check that the blade and spring have the same thickness, otherwise, and this happens when one wants to contain costs, if the blade is too thick, there may be difficulty in opening it or vice versa if the spring is thicker and the blade is thinner, there may be problems of movement when the blade is open, another detail to always check when you buy a switchblade: the open blade must not move but must remain fixed and firm.
We use the same thickness for the blade and the spring of 3.5 mm and now even of 5 mm to ensure smooth operation of the spring; the steel thickness plays an important role and also affects the final price of course.

All materials we use are of top quality whether it is plastic, horn or stag. Materials with the slightest imperfection are discarded.
Additionally we invite you to verify that the closed knife with the safety device does not open even when pressing hard, in our case we always use a thickness of 0.7 mm instead of 0.5 mm as our competitors do. In fact if the lamina which locks the button is too thin, it could straighten and lose effectiveness, thus slackening and rolling on the slot of the safety device. In our case when this happens and it does not happen often, usually only if the knife falls to the ground, we repair it or provide the tools to fix it.
Moreover, our head bolsters are perfectly aligned compared to the competition. Most of the time they are crooked and you can catch a glimpse of the brass in one part or another. If assembled correctly, this does not happen.

The thickness of the brass is important, we use 1 mm compared to the 0.8 mm used by our competitors.
These are all extra costs that ultimately affect the final price but it guarantees a better product in terms of material and operation.

To end, our touch of originality lies in the final part of the spring blade, our blades are handmade and have a different conformation compared to all others!

Finally we guarantee our switchblades for two years for defects in mechanism.
Even in the event of tampering by the client, subject to prior agreement with the client, we repair our knives.

Last sharpening done by hand, making the knife razor sharp.

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Anywhere from Shanghai to North Cape via Thailand and South Africa.

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